Guerrilla Improv at its finest

We are going GLOBAL!

After several months of intense negotiations, Plan B MN would like to announce an exciting new path for the organization! We have been unable to publicly speak of this due to strict Non-Disclosure Agreements, but as of now, we have receivedthe go ahead from both Discovery Communications’ lawyers as well as our lawyers.

That’s right! Ladies and gentlemen, we are going GLOBAL! Discovery loved the ratings our episode of Mall Cops received… And, well… You can read the press release yourself!

Welcome to the new and improved Plan B MN!

Yep, that’s right! Welcome to our new and improved site! We’ve let this place sit and rot for way too long, so it is time to bring it back with an all new theme.

Check back here for regular updates. We’ll be sure to keep it active for you!

Also, stay tuned for a big announcement!